Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Success Awaits

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Success Awaits - Introvert Whisperer

Success can mean a lot of things to different people. Depending on who you ask, success could be getting a good grade on a test, landing a promotion at work, or finally organizing that closet you have been avoiding for so long.


However, there’s one thing about success that is the same for everyone and that is the way it makes you feel once you achieve it. There probably is no better feeling than the sense of fullness and happiness you are overcome with when success is achieved. While getting to that point can be difficult, there are ways you can identify what you need in order to succeed.


What’s Keeping You From Success?


Put aside the fact that we live in a very cutthroat society today where everyone is fighting for a piece of the proverbial pie, there are also things like social media that are shaping and changing our definition of success.


While much of this innovation has been beneficial in advancing society, what happens when you are someone who cringes at the thought of competing or trying to one-up somebody?


What if your worst fear in life is getting up in front of a crowd or trying to bargain or negotiate with someone in person?


For most of us, this is a terrible feeling – especially if we believe it is the only way to achieve success.




The personality traits mentioned above best described by Carl Jung and popularized by other psychologists since is known as introversion. This personality trait sometimes is mistaken as being incapable of success because of the preference to be alone or not act on impulse. However, there are many tactics for introverts to leverage that will still allow them to be successful in life and it starts with understanding and embracing who they are.


With the New Year approaching, most of us are beginning to think about goals and what we will need to do to succeed.  It’s also a great time to start strategizing ways you can be successful without being afraid of what it will take to get you there.

Believe in Yourself

First things first. You have to believe in yourself and your potential. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will. How does one picture you succeeding if you don’t see it for yourself either?


Take some time to reflect on what you desire and actually envision yourself already in the successful position. How does it make you feel? Meditation has helped so many to clear their minds and achieve their goals by focusing on success.


If you’re considering finding someone who can help you on your path to success, there are many life coaches and mentors who can identify your strengths and ways to maximize your potential. Mentors or even local life coaches in your area can provide helpful tips on what it will take to achieve your goals in life.  Understand the things you’ll need to change in life and what roads, not yet taken, you may need to pursue.


Build a Support Group


We all have those people who have been there for us from day one. Whether it is family, a close friend or a mentor at work. There are people who stay by our side, influence us and help push us to keep doing better. Those are the people you want to seek out in life. Look to them, not for mere advice on success, but to have close to you as positive influences. Their advice, encouraging words and support will help you to go far.



Take Risks


If you’re like most introverts you absolutely hate the thought of going outside of your comfort zone.  But it is a necessary evil. In order to grow and succeed we must go against the grain and choose the more difficult path sometimes.


If you’re looking for a promotion at work, you’ll have to do more than just deliver good results. You’ll have to take initiative and walk into Management’s office and make the case for your value at the company. You will have to at some point deliver a speech to an audience. The good news is that over time, the level of uncomfortableness will diminish and you can prepare yourself to be successful when those situations do occur.

Remember, without risk, there is not a reward. And that reward, the happiness, and success you so greatly deserve is only around the corner. Don’t wait any longer.





Author Bio:

Marvin Shine is a freelance writer and consultant from Minneapolis, MN. Marvin specializes in the latest business and technology news in addition to reporting on emerging trends in social theory and interpersonal communication. With his expertise, Marvin consults with life coach resource, Think Coaching. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and hiking and spending time with his dogs Bruno and Rex.


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