Why you should stop looking for something better and improve where you are

Why you should stop looking for something better and improve where you are - Introvert Whisperer

I hope you are launching 2017 as the best year ever!


Are you looking for a new job? Are you unhappy with the one you have? I’ve been working on a speech/webinar around this topic so it’s ever present in my mind right now.


So, what’s my advice to those questions? Stop looking.


Yep, stop looking for something better and improve things where you are.


Here’s the deal: The statistics aren’t in your favor that what you find will satisfy you any better than where you are right now. In fact, the data shows that only 40% or fewer of people will like their job. Usually, the dissatisfaction has nothing to do with job content or pay.


That means the time-honored solution of finding a new job to solve the problem of a bad job = doesn’t work.


What’s the solution? You are the solution but you can’t keep doing things the same way.


What I’ve said so far, isn’t “common knowledge” or even discussed that much, so what I’m saying may take a few minutes to absorb. That’s the problem with common knowledge, it may be common but it doesn’t make it right. The other problem with this common knowledge is that there isn’t anyone (but me) talking about the best solution. I’m here to change that for you simply because you’re here with me and I’m talking about it.


We don’t realize that we can change how things work for us by simply making a few changes in our standard approach. This isn’t painful or difficult and I think people can often make a problem harder to solve than it really is. It’s like tuning into a radio station in your car. Sometimes, you have to only change the setting a tiny bit to make a huge difference in the sound.


For today, I’m not going to hit you with the answers to this because I think it’s better for you to think about what I have just said. YOU DON’T SOLVE A BAD JOB BY LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB.


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