My Own Story of Change: What You Can Learn from It

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When I launched Introvert Whisperer, I was unclear what to do with my previous website.  Because I wasn’t clear, I kept it going and continued to post content to it.


I decided to “end-of-life” the website, thus closing that chapter in my life.


Because my roots are in change, I have to use this as an illustration for you on how we work in making change and the emotional reaction to change called transition.


The first phase of transition is an ending.  Something has to come to an end and for me, the end started last year as I ramped up Introvert Whisperer.  During the end phase, you begin to disengage and begin to lose identification with what you are ending.  I was identifying less with Next Chapter and more with Introvert Whisperer.


The next phase is what I called confusion, because it is largely a period where you feel unshaped by purpose.  With my Next Chapter website/persona, that period of confusion has lasted a year.   I wasn’t clear what to do with it so rather than pulling the plug or redefining it, I decided my clarity would eventually come as I spent more time defining myself with Introvert Whisperer.  I’ll note that we all move through our transition phases at different rates.  For me, I felt that there would come a day where the answer of what to do would eventually arrive.  It also let me come to grips with ending something I was very emotionally invested in.


The last phase is beginnings.  Introvert Whisperer to a large degree was the beginning and with this phase you have a new identity or direction.  It’s an energetic phase as you are further touching into new territory.


I’ll note for you that while these three parts of transition are called phases, they occur at the same time.  They occur in different proportions throughout the change but we shift through them daily.  Because of the overlapping nature of the phases, we also experience mixed emotions and can often confuse these mixed emotions for making a wrong decision.  You can feel happy and sad at the same time.  It’s a huge reason so many people avoid change because it’s not that comfortable.


Transition = Endings-Confusion-Beginnings.  You will always go through them with any change.  Just know that when you’re at a low point or anxiety ridden – you’re normal!  You will get through it.


So, I got through this transition with all those same reactions but satisfied with the result.  Change.  It’s the only constant in life. Think about changes in your life and how these three phases occurred.  It will help you the next time you have a change.



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