How To Super-Charge Engagement With Your Online Audience (Without The Painful, Mindless, Boring Chatter)

How To Super-Charge Engagement With Your Online Audience (Without The Painful, Mindless, Boring Chatter) - Introvert Whisperer

 Whether you want people to read your blog, buy a product, or to simply recognize your know-how, the billion other sites on the web can make this quite a feat. If you’re an introvert, this can be even more of a challenge. Blabbering for the sake of blabbering isn’t something we introverts enjoy doing, even if all the business experts claim it’s essential to online business.


As with all things, however, engaging with our audience isn’t about quantity but quality, which is something that can actually be done with minimal blabbering. So, if you’re itching to take your relationship with your followers to the next level, these tips are a sure way to get started on that.


Ask Questions

If there’s one thing anybody can appreciate, it’s the warm fuzziness of feeling important and valued. Posing questions to your audience gives them the opportunity to share their ideas. They get to feel important, which is a big plus, but this scenario also makes them important.


When we pose a question that allows for people to share their unique experience and thoughts, we’re also offering up our site as a haven for sharing helpful ideas and valuable insights. This has major perks for us for a few reasons.  One, we help our readers see how awesome they are. We’re also generating discussion that the whole web can glean from, and we can generate all these fantastic results with little to no conversation on our end. Every introvert’s dream!


We can do this with questionnaires and surveys, comments, blog posts, email newsletters, and more. There are so many ways to go about it. Try out a few in various situations and see what works best for you, your business, and your audience.


Expand On Their Thoughts

Nothing kills a connection quite like having someone make the conversation all about themselves. Even though talking about our own life experience seems like the best way to relate to others, much of the time it’s just annoying. People want to be heard and understood. That doesn’t happen by someone jumping in and assuming they understand our point, and thinking that’s all we have to say about it. Assumptions are just as worthless in business as they are in conversation because a shallow understanding of needs and problems will only ever deliver a shallow product or service. 


So, instead of telling our clients and audience how we think we can relate to them, let’s give them a chance to expand on their thoughts and go deeper. The big plus here is that encouraging our audience to share themselves gives us the chance to get to know our audience both as buyers and as people. This kind of opportunity can create a strong bond between you and your followers A bond that can benefit you in business as well as your personal life. In addition, these expanded ideas could be topics for your next blog posts or future services you can provide. The more you understand what your audience thinks, feels, and needs, the more you can help them as a business.   


Respond With Something Valuable

As I mentioned above, making a conversation about ourselves is NOT the way we super-charge connection with people. It’s how we kill it. If a comment or email response doesn’t explicitly ask for us share our own thoughts, or we don’t have outstanding personal experience with the topic and we absolutely must share, then we should aim to keep the conversation about them and their experience.


Luckily, we can bypass egocentric tendencies and promote connection with readers. All we have to do is offer them something that’s worthwhile to them. Thanks to your unique life experience, you know about tools, practices, and handy information that your audience may know nothing about. This is valuable stuff that people would love to gobble up! Share it!


The next time you’re reading through your comments and messages, put your ear up to that screen so you can really hear the message behind the words. Ask yourself what kind of value you have to contribute. Maybe it’s a great business blog you know, an awesome app, or a free web tool. Maybe even just a quote. Whatever you do, your response will be about them instead of you. They may not have use for whatever you send them, but you better believe they’ll appreciate the attention. Most people are either too busy or too caught up in their own life to listen. Don’t underestimate the power of an attentive ear.           


Offer Solutions

When someone makes a comment about a problem they’re facing, it’s believed that the right thing to do is say sorry, fake sympathy, and if you have a business, give them a link to your relevant product. It seems like the right thing to do because virtually everyone does it, but the connection potential here hovers around zero. If you want interaction and engagement that goes beyond the norm, then you’ll need to step outside the norm too.


Each and every one of you has skills and life experiences that give you your own special edge. Our blog, newsletters, products, eCourses, and services are our opportunity to show the value of our edge. Super-charged marketing emails may get you sales, but nothing will express your worth more than using your know-how to help others (for the mere sake of helping others). Get to know the pains your audience and clients are struggling with — like, really get to know them. When you have a good grip on those, you can use these pain points to create blog content that offers readers important insights and potential solutions. This is a great lead-in to future services and products too. If you’re helpful enough, you won’t even have to advertise them. People will already know that they can trust you to deliver the results, so they’ll know you’re worth a chunk of change.   


Do you have tips for engaging online? Or maybe your business has a problem you’re trying to solve? Share it all in the comments below!


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