Don’t Give Up on Others; Find a New Perspective - Introvert Whisperer

Don’t Give Up on Others; Find a New Perspective

When you look around you, you’ll notice that people are kind of fast at giving up on each other. When that happens, I think you need to step away and gain a different perspective for solving problems with other people.   We all have different personalities, quirks, and dysfunction but at the end of the…

4 Ways Introverts And Extroverts Can Work Together! - Introvert Whisperer

4 Ways Introverts And Extroverts Can Work Together!

  Introverts and extroverts are like poles apart. This is a particularly serious concern within a workplace where all kinds of people have to coexist and work together. Introverts don’t like to socialize and prefer their own company. On the other hand, extroverts are the opposite as they like interacting with people and want their…

Best Outfits For Introverts - Introvert Whisperer

Best Outfits For Introverts

Sure, you don’t like crowds and don’t need the constant attention of strangers, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. First and second impressions do matter, and while you might not want any “look-at-me!” outfits in your closet, taking pains with your appearance will positively affect your interactions with other people.   So,…


An Introvert’s Guide to Lunchroom Etiquette

You dislike small talk; you find yourself easily distracted in your open plan office; you work better and more efficiently alone; you enjoy spending your downtime by yourself, and you find socializing intensely stressful. You are an introvert. But you’re not alone. A number of hugely successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and politicians identify themselves as…

Confidence Is So Damn Sexy!_The Introvert - Introvert Whisperer

Confidence Is So Damn Sexy!_The Introvert

Many people who meet us (and don’t yet have the pleasure of knowing us!) usually think we’re not the most confident beings. Maybe shy, aloof — and perhaps not so poised? However, isn’t it just a matter of perception…or subjectivity? There is a big difference between feeling confident and looking confident. In a world brimming…

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