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Could Your Listening Skills Be Your Problem?

Every once in a while I run across what seems to be a good candidate from their resume, but they are struggling with their career advancement. They might have master’s degrees and everything that would suggest they are highly competitive. Then it happens. You’re in a conversation with the person for 10 minutes and you’ve…

How to Ask for More Flexibility at Work

Technology has made job flexibility a lot easier. Staying connected to the workplace isn’t a challenge when employees have access to smart phones, tablets and laptops. That’s one reason more and more people are seeking alternatives to the traditional nine-to-five schedule. Employers are seeing that options not only make workers happier — but also make…


An Introvert’s Guide to Lunchroom Etiquette

You dislike small talk; you find yourself easily distracted in your open plan office; you work better and more efficiently alone; you enjoy spending your downtime by yourself, and you find socializing intensely stressful. You are an introvert. But you’re not alone. A number of hugely successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and politicians identify themselves as…

5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Bad Boss and What To Do Instead - Introvert Whisperer

5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Bad Boss and What To Do Instead

If you are managing people, you know how tough it can be.  You’re balancing the business goals and the demands of your job, along with the people you’re responsible for.  You know the jokes about bad bosses and quite frankly, you haven’t given any thought about whether or not that might be you.   Let’s…

Confidence Is So Damn Sexy!_The Introvert - Introvert Whisperer

Confidence Is So Damn Sexy!_The Introvert

Many people who meet us (and don’t yet have the pleasure of knowing us!) usually think we’re not the most confident beings. Maybe shy, aloof — and perhaps not so poised? However, isn’t it just a matter of perception…or subjectivity? There is a big difference between feeling confident and looking confident. In a world brimming…

Love The Career? Hate The Job? - Introvert Whisperer

Love The Career? Hate The Job?

  There are times when we are well immersed in our careers, convinced we love the work we do, and yet we’re unhappy with our job. It’s not a comfortable feeling to have. We’re left wondering if we made a bad decision about the career, because we can’t sort out our feelings about the situation….

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