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Moving Up The Ladder

Career progression depends on a lot more than just the length of time you’ve put in with your current employer. There are many factors involved in deciding whether it’s time to take the next step on your path – and even more to bear in mind when you’re working out how to do it. If…

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5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Speak Your Mind At Work

We all have opinions. All kinds of opinions on all kinds of topics. Expressing them, discussing them and sharing them is part of the fun of being human; our differing thoughts and varying ideologies help us grow and develop as people. Opinions are wonderful things. At work, opinions are terrifying. At work, a controversial opinion…

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9 Ways to Ensure Your Career Goes Nowhere

As you go about life and interacting with people, you invariably encounter those whose behavior simply screams “I’ll never be going anywhere in my career.” OK, harsh, but you know you’ve met those folks and then maybe one of them could be you. There are some things that will ensure you go nowhere in your…

Beating Burnout Before It Burns Your Career - Introvert Whisperer

Beating Burnout Before It Burns Your Career

It’s a high-speed, ninety-five in a nine to five kind of life. Burnout feels like a hidden evil in your benefits package, but it’s something everyone’s come to expect and accept as “just part of the job.” If you’re experiencing burnout, you’ll notice that deadlines stretch out and never seem to end. You may feel…

Are You a Hitchhiker in your Career? - Introvert Whisperer

Are You a Hitchhiker in your Career?

If you aren’t in the driver’s seat on your career path, you are one of the 60-70% of workers who dislike their job.  You probably never thought you needed to plan your career after high school.    You can love your job and you can achieve your dreams.   Even better, you can put your…

How Do I Avoid Making Another Bad Job Choice? - Introvert Whisperer

How Do I Avoid Making Another Bad Job Choice?

More than half of the population really can’t stand their job right now.  That’s not a change; it’s a fairly constant statistic.  It’s also very sad to think that the majority of people spend so much time of each day being somewhat miserable.  The concern many of those same people have is leaving one bad…

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