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Change Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Don’t you just love your habits? You must love them, because they are a big part of who you are, right? You have a habit of twisting your hair, sniffing, or eating when you’re tense. You do it without thinking about it, and that’s the great thing about a habit. It’s the robot part of…

Stay Uncomfortable – It Helps You Make Change - Introvert Whisperer

Stay Uncomfortable – It Helps You Make Change

Have you ever noticed how you and other people are with change?  We can all tolerate some change in our life because change is the one constant.  BUT, we yearn for things to return back to how they were.  We like the comfort of things being the same.  It allows us to “auto-pilot” and save…

New Boss? New Career Opportunities - Introvert Whisperer

New Boss? New Career Opportunities

The one thing you can count on in business is nothing ever stays the same. That goes for the boss, too. Bosses come and they go even when your job remains in place. In some businesses, they come and go so fast they feel like a hit and run. While it would be nice to…

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What do you do when you’re mentally depleted?

I am at a point where I’ve got a number of things either completed or launched and in someone else’s hands.  I’ve feel oddly unclear what the next thing is that I should do.  My “busy-ness” is in a slow down and that just doesn’t feel right.     Ever get that way?    …

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Are you leading or following change?

It’s funny how myths or urban legend turn into beliefs. These myths cover everything from mysteries to people. Among the stories we tell each, is the story about making Change. As a Leader, it’s important to know and understand how to Manage Change and Transition along with the myths many people believe. More importantly is…

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