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Are you leading or following change?

  • Dorothy
  • September 5, 2016
  • Leadership
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It’s funny how myths or urban legend turn into beliefs. These myths cover everything from mysteries to people. Among the stories we tell each, is the story about making Change.   As a Leader, it’s important to know and understand how to Manage Change and Transition along with the myths many people believe. More importantly…

Managing Change Will Make You a Highly Desirable Asset - Introvert Whisperer

Managing Change Will Make You a Highly Desirable Asset

  The Leader that manages change and transition the best are paid the best.  The reason is because making a group of people is very difficult and has caused the best Leaders quit.  The deal is, they probably didn’t know there is a change management process that is well defined but not broadly known about….

No motivation to change? - Introvert Whisperer

No motivation to change?

When it comes to our health and fitness or for that matter anything, making a change can be a challenge.  I’m here to give you a pearl of wisdom about getting up off the couch to get you moving.  The pearl of wisdom is this: You need one part commitment, one part plan and one…


Fear Of Changing Careers: Get Over It

  Daily almost 60% of all workers get up and go to a job they hate.  I think this tells the story about the collective avoidance most of us are doing around this issue.  It’s not an economy issue; this problem existed before the downturn.  The economy makes a good excuse for doing nothing.  …

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