Rethink Relationships - Introvert Whisperer

Rethink Relationships

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been what I would call a “high social need” person.  I suppose some of that comes from the Introvert part of my personality.  It doesn’t mean I don’t need social contact; it’s just not the first thing that drives me throughout the day – or life.  …

How to Build Self-Confidence - Introvert Whisperer

How to Build Self-Confidence

Do you sometimes get a sudden burst of confidence and energy, only to be discouraged a few minutes later?   Do you convince yourself that you don’t have what it takes every time you want to learn a new skill, change a habit, meet new people or try something new? Or tell yourself that it’s…

5 Surprising Ways to Make an Awesome First Impression - Introvert Whisperer

5 Surprising Ways to Make an Awesome First Impression

First impressions can be stressful even for those who like to socialize and interact with others—but for introverts, meeting new people can be especially anxiety-inducing. But there are strategies you can use to improve your chances at making a good impact on new acquaintances, and no, they don’t all revolve around a good, firm handshake….

7 Benefits of Introverts at Work - Introvert Whisperer

7 Benefits of Introverts at Work

Introverts can be characterized by being quiet (Cain, 2012), timid or even shy. Depending on some personal traits, they can be overlooked sometimes together with their contributions. On the other hand, Extroverts are known to get attention as compared to Introverts who get things or stuff done. Carl Jung, the psychologist brought about the difference…

Demystifying Leadership: the 4 Things That Truly Matter - Introvert Whisperer

Demystifying Leadership: the 4 Things That Truly Matter

You often hear people say that leadership is about dedication, vision, and inspiration. But telling people that great leaders are dedicated or inspired is a bit like saying great athletes are fit. Everyone knows that leaders have to be dedicated and inspired. It’s important to move beyond those worn out cliches if you really want…

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