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Are You Bragging or Self Promoting? - Introvert Whisperer

Are You Bragging or Self-Promoting?

Often times when we’re with a mindless bragger we think that because they are doing all of that boastful chatter that they must be perceived as a real winner.  Bragging really isn’t that effective.  Sure, some of it may do some good to help that person get ahead, but generally, most people don’t care to…

Stop Struggling to Explain Your Job/Career - Introvert Whisperer

Stop Struggling to Explain Your Job/Career

Stop Struggling As a job seeker and also when you are in your career, there are some times with some people where explaining what you do can be a frustrating activity. We are all a bit too “trained” to hear job titles like- kindergarten teaching, physical therapist or dentist. We know what those things are…


Other Uses for Elevator Speeches

Elevator Speeches: there’s not just one way to use it! Watch this short, call to action video to get some more ideas on how to self-promote yourself! How have you used your elevator speech in the past to self-promote? Leave your answer in the comments below, and thank you for watching!

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