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Tips on How to Become a Better Leader - Introvert Whisperer

Tips on How to Become a Better Leader

In this fast paced day and age, leadership qualities are key to getting great jobs, earning promotions, and succeeding in school. Possessing leadership skills means you are able to communicate and work well with others, and most important of all, you have potential to lead and map out where you and your team need to…

Beating Burnout Before It Burns Your Career - Introvert Whisperer

Beating Burnout Before It Burns Your Career

It’s a high-speed, ninety-five in a nine to five kind of life. Burnout feels like a hidden evil in your benefits package, but it’s something everyone’s come to expect and accept as “just part of the job.” If you’re experiencing burnout, you’ll notice that deadlines stretch out and never seem to end. You may feel…


How to Give and Receive Critical Feedback

We are entering into a phase in our society where every action demands some form of feedback. If you go to a restaurant, then you’re encouraged to share your Yelp reviews. If you buy something from Amazon, then you’re asked to rate that product. Even a post on Facebook allows for an instant Like or…


Um, Dull and Boring? No Way! :: The Introvert

As introverts, we think before we speak. There is no disputing that fact — it’s the way we’re hardwired. Many of us will roll a myriad of words around in our heads wondering how they will sound coming out. We aren’t the first ones to jump into a conversation and state our opinions. Because we…

Caffeine Effects on the Mind and the Workplace - Introvert Whisperer

Caffeine Effects on the Mind and the Workplace

  A cup of strong black coffee has been romanticized as the constant companion of those who really put their noses to the grindstone. Go to any coffee shop in any medium to large-sized city and there will be a budding novelist or two scrawling in their Moleskine notebooks with a mug of black coffee…

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