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Protecting Your Good Ideas

In a lot of ways, our ideas are like bringing a child into the world.  Our ideas are important and sacred to us.  We are attached to them and proud of them.  We want to breathe life into them and have them treated with sensitivity and respect.  We also want to be acknowledged for their…

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What To Do When Someone Steals Your Ideas

What do you do when someone you know steals your ideas? I have previously outlined things you can do to either prevent idea theft or to ensure your ideas are public enough for others to realize where they came from, to begin with.   But, let’s go to the next step with this problem. Let’s…

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5 Tips for Preventing Idea Theft  

Just because it can be a challenge, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.  No one but you will promote your cause.   There are various things you can do that constitute self-promotion and one of those is promoting your great ideas. Creative idea generation is as important as your ability to get results and take…

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