Lead With No Title?

Many people automatically dismiss things when they see something about leadership or being a leader as not pertaining to them.  After all, if they aren’t a manager or don’t intend to manage, the information really doesn’t have anything for them to pay attention to, right?  No, not necessarily.   Leadership skills are something that will…

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7 Things You Should Know About Your Introvert Employee

Leaders come in every personality type from Introvert to Extrovert and all sorts of other flavors.  One thing every good leader has to know is how to bring out the best in each person they are responsible for leading.  You might even find some behaviors annoying but despite that, your job is to get an…

Is the Boss Really being Difficult or is it You? - Introvert Whisperer

Is the Boss Really being Difficult or is it You?

  Recently, in a Linked In group associated with HR, someone posted a discussion that well over 2400 people commented on. The flavor of the discussion was: Why is it so hard to find good employees? It’s like a standoff between the frowning faces of the boss and the employee. Both are thinking really bad…

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