Why introverts are (really) better networkers

Why introverts are (really) better networkers

Most advice articles about building a network start out with overused advice like “take lots of business cards!” and “go to as many events as possible!” and “try emailing strangers out of the blue to see if they’d like to get coffee!”  This is not one of those articles.   I’m an introvert.  I’m not…

Introvert Whisperer-Confrontation & Performance

Push Over on Employee Performance Issues?

If you have been anointed manager, you surely must know that there are things you are responsible for that you’d rather not do. The highest priority item on that list of tough things to do is dealing with an employee who is a continuous performance problem. It not only impacts business, but when management simply…

Women-Get Ahead Professionaly

Professional Women! Don’t Act Like a Chick

…If you want to Get Ahead as a professional It’s no secret that women are still struggling for pay and position equity. You don’t have to dig too far to find a study vividly illustrating that point. Although you read many things about asserting yourself and being willing to demand a higher wage, there is…


If You Have a Job…Why do You Need to Use Linked In?

  • Dorothy
  • September 23, 2015
  • Job Search
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  Most of the commentary about Linked In usually has do to with job search, yet those with a job can also benefit from the use of Linked In, if they have any plans for career growth.  Four things you can accomplish with Linked In easier than ever before are: Nurture your existing network Expand…


Do you have to Drink, Schmooze or Talk Sports to Network?

Introverts are often faced with issues, when it comes to developing relationships with their co-workers, which often cause them to feel they are compromising their values.  It feels like a real dilemma, because to some degree it would be fun to occasionally be included with a group from work for some after-hours bonding.   The…

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