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What To Do Now That You’re In Charge!

Wow! You’ve been working towards a promotion and now you’ve just been given your first job as a manager of a group. YOU are in charge now!  This is a great opportunity and you are determined to let everyone know that their choice was a good one.   Here are some things you can do…

Restarting A Career - Introvert Whisperer

4 Things to Consider when Restarting A Career

In the current economic realities, we all now know people with work gaps.  People by the 1000’s have been laid off and are still searching for jobs after 1 or 2 years.  It’s an issue, but it doesn’t have the hiring stigma it once did.  Now try to imagine not working for the past 10…

Your #1 Priority When Starting a New Job - Introvert Whisperer-Start Your New Job Focused

Your #1 Priority When Starting a New Job

Congratulations!  You have landed a new job and I’m sure you’re eager to get started.  Your mind is probably in a whirl thinking about what you will do in those first few days to learn everything you need to know.  Your plan is to be a rock star in this new place of business.  …

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