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In Defense of the Introvert Personality

Last week I posted a rant on Facebook in defense of the Introvert Person(ality). What had set me off was an article someone had submitted that profiled Introverts wrong, negatively and with bias. It’s not the first time I’ve seen or heard inaccuracies because I hear it conveyed in the news and other places. Since…

Introvert Whisperer-Can A Pet Change You

Could Getting a Pet Make You Less of an Introvert?

As introverts, we often find ourselves battling with feeling misunderstood and fitting into the  social scene. Some of us would say that we shouldn’t feel bad for it, but there are others who struggle to figure out how to get along in our wild modern world. Regardless of where you’re at though, it seems reasonable…

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Don’t Misunderstand the Importance of Leadership Development to YOU?

I have heard people equate Leadership with management or being in charge.  It’s understandable, as those things would be best done if leadership skills co-existed with those positions.   Yet, Leadership abilities are skills that aren’t just for specific jobs.  Leadership skills or characteristics are important capabilities both in life endeavors as well as career….

Listen to my guest appearance on "Secrets of the Hire" - Introvert

Listen to my guest appearance on “Secrets of the Hire”

My fellow career expert, Dayvon Goddard, recently interviewed me for a podcast on his site “Secrets of the Hire”.  Because Dayvon is also a fellow Introvert, his curiosity about our personality type led him to do a seriously in-depth interview on the subject.  The emphasis of this podcast is not only understanding how our personality…

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