5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work - Introvert Whisperer

5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work

Your team is made up of many characters and every manager knows that although they can’t all be pleased at the same time, it is up to them to make them feel comfortable so that they can thrive in their job.   Part of a manager’s job is to try different strategies to reach out…

6 Communication Strategies to Improve Any Relationship - Introvert Whisperer

6 Communication Strategies to Improve Any Relationship

Communication is what connects us to other people, yet we are rarely taught how to communicate effectively.  All too often what we try to communicate gets lost in translation and the other person hears something else or misunderstands, and frustration and conflicts ensue.  Fortunately, there are some basic strategies that can be used in any…

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Building Team Synergy In The Workplace

Building Team Synergy in the Workplace Synergy is a word that many of us have heard at least once in our lives, but do we really know its meaning and everything that this simple word implies? The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes this concept as the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses…


When You Ask For Advice Make Sure To Have a Plan

  It looks like it’s about mid-point so you still have time to squeeze some summertime fun in.   I’d like to share an interesting perspective with you from a career coach’s experience.  It has to do with job seekers and advice.  I’ve compared these experiences with others who have spent much more time focused…

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9 Ways to Ensure Your Career Goes Nowhere

As you go about life and interacting with people, you invariably encounter those whose behavior simply screams “I’ll never be going anywhere in my career.” OK, harsh, but you know you’ve met those folks and then maybe one of them could be you. There are some things that will ensure you go nowhere in your…

No motivation to change? - Introvert Whisperer

No motivation to change?

When it comes to our health and fitness or for that matter anything, making a change can be a challenge.  I’m here to give you a pearl of wisdom about getting up off the couch to get you moving.  The pearl of wisdom is this: You need one part commitment, one part plan and one…

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