Shark Tank Formula for Start Up Success - Introvert Whisperer

Shark Tank Formula for Start Up Success

ABC’s Shark Tank has entertained millions of Americans since 2009, however, this program is not only entertaining, it’s also informative. Regardless of whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not, you can glean valuable career advice from this primetime show. Here are some of the most useful career tips viewers have learned from the panel…

Comfort zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Success Awaits

Success can mean a lot of things to different people. Depending on who you ask, success could be getting a good grade on a test, landing a promotion at work, or finally organizing that closet you have been avoiding for so long.   However, there’s one thing about success that is the same for everyone…

Introvert Whisperer

7 Success Strategies for Highly Sensitive People

Often ignored, dubbed, and overlooked- Highly Sensitive People (HSP) struggle to match with others. It’s not that I am singing a sympathy song for HSPs, but being one of them, I agree that every minute throws a new challenge on us (at least till the time we realize how to channelise this QUALITY in a…

Elevator to Success: Internal Drive a Key Ingredient - Introvert Whisperer

Elevator to Success: Internal Drive a Key Ingredient

Recently I had an epiphany -drum roll, please. An internal drive to succeed is the secret sauce of a fruitful career. Personality type or education level–both factors can determine the difficulty that individuals will face when finding success, but education level or emotional make-up will not doom an individual to a fiery pit of failure….

What determines success within a career? - Introvert Whisperer

What determines success within a career?

What ultimately defines career success? Despite the cliché rewards reaped of success, each individual will have their own idea of what success is and how to achieve it. Success is largely personal and what one person’s idea of success is will differ from another person’s. Success is measured through various different means such as spiritual,…

How technology can encourage the undervalued introvert- Introvert Whisperer

How technology can encourage the undervalued introvert

Masters at flying under the radar, it is well known that introverts are often overlooked and undervalued in the workplace. In many cases, it is the extroverts who remain in the spotlight, constantly progressing. Extroverts commonly take the reins in the workplace and are usually known to be social butterflies, ambitious and talkative, the ones…

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