How owning your mistakes can help encourage trust - Introvert Whisperer

How owning your mistakes can help encourage trust

Giving and taking feedback is never easy, particularly if you are accustomed to working on your own and solving problems by yourself. But even if you’ve risen to a role of greater autonomy in your company, there is a place for group discussion and feedback both positive and negative. For an introvert, the trick is…

how to stay productive when you are tired? - Introvert whisperer

How to stay productive when working alone

If you’re accustomed to working by yourself, without the encouragement and sociability of a group set-up, you’ll know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to keep working when you’re already exhausted. If introverted people are generally good at organizing ourselves and getting stuff done without needing external approval, it’s only natural that there…

As We Age, Do We Get More Introverted At Work? - Introvert Whisperer

As We Age, Do We Get More Introverted At Work?

This question arises from what may be a mistaken premise. Many of the signs of an introvert could be misconstrued with “wisdom”. Signs such as enjoying time by yourself, being the last to raise your hand in a group setting, other people often asking your opinion, preferring not to engage with people who are angry…

How to socialize like an extrovert - Introvert Whisperer

How to socialize like an extrovert

As a longtime introvert who has come to relish her introversion, I see some serious benefits to my introverted ways. As a writer, I also have a thing or two to say about them. So, upon reading Dorothy’s fab post 4 Easy Things You Need To Be Doing To Advance Your Career, I was brimming…

Keeping a Positive Attitude at Work

Keeping a Positive Attitude at Work

Waking up way too early, running out of coffee, getting stuck in traffic, dealing with your boss, handling way too many responsibilities, trying to avoid that noisy colleague at the office, and these are just some reasons why you might feel like quitting your job, going far away, and never coming back. However, it’s not…

productivity - Introvert Whisperer

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

What is productivity? It is the combination of focused efforts and intelligent planning. It can be a challenge to remain productive at work or at home. The odds are that you are not completely satisfied with your work after every work day. Productivity can be improved every day if you work continuously on some points….

Introvert Whisperer

Is It Possible To Repair Your Reputation at Work?

There may come a time in your career when you damage your reputation or personal brand to the point it’s stuck to you like gum on your shoe.  Maybe whatever you did wasn’t bad enough to warrant being terminated on the spot (although maybe you should have been,) but you are now living through the…

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