How technology can encourage the undervalued introvert

How technology can encourage the undervalued introvert- Introvert Whisperer

Masters at flying under the radar, it is well known that introverts are often overlooked and undervalued in the workplace. In many cases, it is the extroverts who remain in the spotlight, constantly progressing. Extroverts commonly take the reins in the workplace and are usually known to be social butterflies, ambitious and talkative, the ones who are confident and progressive through their careers. There can often be a lot of pressure introverts trying to progress in their career. They are either expected to conform to the realm of extroverts, or they will be left to stew in their own shyness and remain incognito within the working environment.

As technology has recently become an important part of organisational development in large organisations, the potential to organise and improve can not only help introverts and extroverts, but also aid employers in recognising the true potential of their introvert workers, as they often have a lot of unrecognised skills to offer.

Understanding the introvert

Sharing ideas and taking active part in discussion and decisions are what is expected of team members, which is why it often seems as if introverts aren’t contributing. The truth often is that while extroverts are busy talking, introverts are busy listening – an important and valuable skill. It is often smart not to do all of the talking in many cases and this can show strong internal power as well as good observational skills that allow the introvert to sit back, take things in and process them accordingly.

It is often the case that extrovert leaders are likely to be a liability if their followers are also outgoing and ambitious people who take the initiative. Extrovert leaders are not as responding to proactivity and scarcely give others the chance to speak and express their opinions. This can make introvert leaders more subtly superior, as they will give their team the chance to speak and share their thoughts, acting more as an organisational leader as opposed to a dictator.

Introverts are known to spend a lot of time alone, but in today’s society and culture, this is usually discouraged. Some quiet time alone however, is actually very good for you and builds on inner strength. While everyone is busy talking and interacting, the introvert will be processing thoughts, forming and shaping ideas in their minds.

Why introverts need to develop in the work place

In their quietness, many underestimate, misunderstand and/or undervalue the introvert which is bad for both the introvert and the business.

Introverts have an outstanding ability to stay focused, where others will get distracted and they will not shy away from solitude as they know it will only add to their inner strength. Solitude can be fruitful and gives them the chance to self-reflect, plan, create, and theorise, which are invaluable qualities at work.

How technology can help

Organisational development software provides the tools to improve and strengthen weaknesses within your team; shaping and moulding your organisation into a mountain of success.

The most crucial part of this is allowing personal development to take place. OD software often takes a social media style approach. This can allow team leaders and team members themselves to view and access their own profile, where they need to improve, what their strengths are, what their goals are, etc. Team leaders will be more on top of everything and aware of the capabilities of the introvert. Additionally, the introvert will be able to see where they need to improve, where they want to aim, and will inevitably be given that extra drive and push where it may have been lacking before as they will have a target and a goal that builds on their own skills as well as the team’s.

Objectives, structure and policy will also build on the foundation of your team and help to develop the business socially, as a unit, as well as identifying potential problems and risks that may arrive. Understanding the introvert with the aid of organisational development technology will allow you to fully utilise their skills and bring them to their full potential.


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Laura Morrissey is a writer for Disc Assessment. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.

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