What Are You Thankful For?

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This week is Thanksgiving in the US. While we focus on family and friends gathering to enjoy a great meal, the underlying meaning is to pause and give thanks. It’s a time of gratitude. I wanted to pause today and think through some of the many things I may take for granted or simply don’t always acknowledge.


I’m grateful for you. I love the emails I get and the thoughts you share. Even if that isn’t you, just the fact that you are there occasionally listening warms my heart.


I’m grateful for the people who put themselves in harms way like the police, firefighters, and soldiers. I appreciate the fact that in order for them to do their job they muster the courage to perform. That is amazing when I think about it.


Let’s face it; I’m grateful for each and every baker in the world who has lovingly made cookies I have pushed into my face with wreckless abandon. For me, the world would be a dark place without the joy of a well-constructed pastry.


My husband. The list could be long but the bottom line is the ongoing support I get which boosts my confidence every day and gives me a soft place to fall.


Electricity. I know, it sounds strange but if you think for a minute about what all had to happen in order for you to flip on a light and “it was just there” – I’m grateful someone(s) not only figured it out but did the things so it is there each time I need it.


My country. Despite all of the grumpiness the election season has spawned, I’m deeply grateful to live exactly where I do. I’m grateful for the wisdom of our founders who figured out how to make a country work as well as this one does. I feel like I am living the promise of our freedoms each day.


My health. I’m grateful for robust health and energy.


What are you thankful for? Take a minute and think about it. It warms your heart and your soul in a way that few things do.


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