Why “Finding something” Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Career

The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Career-Introvert Whisperer

The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Career

I just finished responding to a note a long time follower wrote me.  She has been unhappy in her occupational field for several years.  Lost her job and did a job search to “find something”.  The “something” she found was not something she liked.  Now more than ever before she is yearning to find an occupation she is passionate about.

This story is a fairly consistent story and that’s why the statistics around job dissatisfaction stay at 60-70% of all workers. That’s a whole lot of unhappiness. I do find it an interesting thing that as important as making a decision is about a career direction, the process for making a decision is elusive and a person usually chooses the worst thing you can for your career. The age-old process of launching a job search to “find something” is about as good as it gets for most people.  They then spend decades being unhappy yet continuing to do the same thing repeatedly.  (The true sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results) I know it’s a tough decision and I know it’s easy to give up and to give into “finding something”. But think of this problem like this: It’s not JUST a job; it’s half your life.  

Half your life.

Isn’t half your life worth the time, effort and sometimes frustration to figure this out? Would you rather be in the 30-40% of happy satisfied workers? Or the 60-70% who hate what they do?

Next time the feeling that you need to change careers comes over you, do the work to first figure out YOU.  Yes, that’s where the process starts.  You have to understand what resonates with you first. Obviously, the process involves other things and figuring out YOU isn’t simple but once you do – you’ll be glad you did.  

The main message for you is this:  Your life is too important to relegate half of it to chance.  “Finding a job” is like winning the lottery.  Most of the time you won’t win.  

You deserve the time it takes to figure out the RIGHT job.

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