Think Personal Branding is kind of “fuzzy”? I did too, until I discovered this…

Think Personal Branding is kind of “fuzzy”? I did too, until I discovered this… - Introvert Whisperer

Are there things that make your eyes glaze over when you hear them because you have no idea what they mean? I do, especially when I think it’s just some trendy, made-up thing that has nothing to do with me.

That’s where I used to be on Personal Branding. It just sounded like something trendy and worthy of avoiding until I really began to understand its importance.

I came to understand that Personal Branding was kind of an “umbrella” term that has various aspects to it. The most important thing I have discovered is that your Personal Brand is a reflection of how other people come to view or understand you. If that view of you is out of alignment with your professional goals, you will be lucky to make any progress. That’s huge — clearly important enough to not ignore it. (Tweet this!)

Here are the things I’ve discovered about Personal Branding:

  • It’s about the opinion others have about you.
  • It’s your reputation.
  • It’s the value people place on what you do or don’t “bring to the party.”
  • It’s developed by what you do consistently to reinforce how people see or experience you.
  • It’s what you focus on.
  • It’s not just one thing. It’s a recipe unique to you comprised of the things most visible to others.
  • Your Personal Brand is always showing, even if you do nothing to shape it.
  • You can spoil your Personal Brand in a New York minute.
  • You can rebuild and change your Personal Brand, but it does require a bigger effort and consistency.
  • Your Personal Brand is within your control.


My Best Personal Branding Tips

If I were to leave you with any guidance with this discovery, it would be this:

  • You need to become consciously aware of what your Personal Brand is. If you aren’t clear, you need to start seeking objective feedback. It will do you no good to get useless, “make nice” input.
  • You must think about and observe the Personal Brand of those you aspire to be like professionally. What do they do to reinforce their Brand? Are you doing some of those same things?
  • You must start behaving “as-if” before you actually get there. If you want to be the President of the United States, you don’t wait until you are elected to start being presidential. You act in alignment before you arrive, or know one will support you.
  • People who struggle professionally to achieve their goals have failed to align their Personal Brand with the goal. For you:
    • Get clear on your career goal, and then
    • Figure out your gaps and make an action plan.
  • Your performance is a huge part of your Personal Brand.  Think of it like this: Talk is cheap but actions matter.  If you’re a personal trainer that doesn’t work out or focus on fitness, you probably won’t get clients.

Now that you share in this discovery the last thing to know is that for every change you make professionally, you want your Personal Brand to change – beforehand.

Now, go polish your Personal Brand!

Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – dedicated to unleash your professional potential.



What’s been your biggest discovery about Personal Branding? Share in the comments!

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