Think Self-Promotion Feels Sleazy? I Did Too, Until I Discovered This…

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When you mention self-promotion to most Introverts, visions of obnoxious, loudmouth blowhards dance through their heads.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

I know, I used to think that way as well. Those people are usually hard to ignore.

Yet while those people will continue to annoy us, you need to know a very important fact that I discovered coming up through the ranks. That fact? Authentic, superb self-promotion happens all the time, and you usually don’t notice it.

Yes, that’s right. The best self-promotion isn’t the sleazy, icky stuff you notice. I don’t even know what to call that. (Bragging? Air sandwich?) The best self-promotion has several characteristics to it, and once you understand those, you can advance your professional cause without needing to take a shower.

Here’s what the very best self-promotion is all about:

  • It’s fact-based information. You don’t stand around and extol your many virtues. You’re providing hardcore information.
  • Wording is important. When you lace your talk with too many “me” words, you’re bragging. Focus on the team or the task. (Doesn’t this start making all sorts of sense now?)
  • Focus on your audience. What do the people out there in your universe want or need to know about your accomplishments? Being smart about what you say and whom you say it to is a key to authentic self-promotion.
  • You’re performing a service. Part of your job is to communicate. That means you do need to be providing information to others about what and how you are doing. It helps others.
  • Exploit your expertise. We all are rock stars at something. Let it be known and reinforce it by using it generously to support others. (Click here to tweet this thought.)
  • Don’t make the boss pull information out of you. Because they won’t. You need to be forthcoming with your accomplishments on an ongoing basis. How else will they figure out what you’re doing?
  • No, your great work won’t speak for itself. I hear this way too often. You have to let others know what great work you do so they know and benefit by it.

Don’t make your career growth any tougher than it needs to be. You have to promote yourself throughout your entire career, and you can do it just like I did — it makes a huge difference.

Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – dedicated to unleash your professional potential.

What else about self-promotion bothers you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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