The Top 10 Skills for a Successful 21st Century Worker

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Are you trying to make a mark in your professional life but despite all your efforts are not able to get the desirable results? Read on to find out which skills are necessary for you to have a thriving career!



The competition has become tougher than before in the job market thanks to the increasing population and depleting resources. Another factor is the advancement of technology that has undoubtedly taken a lot of burden from the human beings but because of it, many human skills have now become unnecessary and obsolete.


To be at the top in the 21st century, one needs to be better than the rest and possess such a set of skills and talent that increase his overall worth. The University of Phoenix has presented an interesting compilation of skills which are remarked as being essential both for successful workers and successful learners. These skills are:

1. Critical Thinking
These days a lot of course work offered in the universities is based on critical thinking and tends to enhance this skill in the students. Irrespective of your major, it is a good idea to get yourself enrolled in a couple of these courses as it helps in polishing your thinking skills. They help you in coming out of difficult situations in the most convenient way and saving yourself from harm as much as possible. This helps in getting yourself engaged in project-based, self-directed, and applied learning.


2. Communication 
Do you know what can actually make you stand out from the rest of the candidates while applying for a job? It is effective communication skills. Other people have the same college degree as yours and even better grades but it is your ability to convince the employer or the interviewer to hire you because the rest don’t have what you got. And this is absolutely true! Convincing others about your point of view or about yourself is one thing which is essential in today’s world. If you can convince the interviewers, you can also convince the clients about anything once you are designated on a position.


3. Adaptability 
In the continuous changing environment, one needs to have the capacity to mold himself according to the demands of the current situation. This is an era of innovation where people are more inclined towards introducing such ideas and concepts which take the world by storm. The lifestyle and living standards of humanity have been revolutionized and only those people are considered successful who have easily adapted to the new ways of earning a living and learning. They are flexible enough to mold themselves as per the situation and can still deliver the best results.


4. Innovation 
As already mentioned, this is the time when people want to move forward and be ahead of others by relying on innovation. The ideas which have changed the way people live their lives, interact with each other and go about on their day-to-day chores have become the most popular with the masses. It is something which brings about ease for the people or excites them because of its newness that works with the masses. If you have the ability to seek out such learning environments which can help in building up media fluency and technology, you are heading towards the right direction.


5. Collaboration 
If you are a one man army, you can only go to a certain point because having a team is extremely important to cover all the aspects of a particular task or project. While studying in university, we are asked to make group projects and to work in collaboration with our fellow students. This teaches us patience and helps in learning a number of new things from others. We can learn their good habits and depend on them to teach us something fruitful which can help us for the rest of our lives.

6. Productivity and Accountability 
If you want to become something in the world, you need to be highly productive. There is no place out there for a lazy person or someone who doesn’t put his heart in his work. You should be able to bring more value to your work by providing meaningful results in a limited amount of time. The better you are at it, the more acknowledgment you will receive from others. It is not enough to be productive but you should hold yourself accountable for all your actions too. If you are lagging behind in a task or have made a mistake, admit it and hold yourself accountable for all your shortcomings and failures.


7. Accessing, Analyzing, and Synthesizing Information 
In order to thrive in the world, you need to be knowledgeable. There is tons of information out there pertaining to different issues and only by knowing what is going on around, you can actually become progressive. All these issues are interconnected so if you have the ability to access, analyze, and then synthesize the information collected from them, you are in a relatively good position to be recognized as a successful worker. Any person who is clueless about his surroundings will suffer irrespective of his intelligence or hard work because he won’t have the necessary information to build ground for his future plans and goals.


8. Entrepreneurialism 
Many people are indulging into entrepreneurialism but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those who have the necessary skills to tackle all that comes their way, lead a team towards a uniform goal, can innovate and bring value to their ideas are the ones who can be called entrepreneurs. However, there is no denying that one can learn this skill with time. If you are an avid learner and can pick up important points from the lives of other people, you are definitely in a position to prove your mark as a successful entrepreneur soon enough.


9. Leadership 
It is easy to become a boss but extremely difficult to become a leader. Not everyone has the capability to lead a team and hold yourself accountable for their actions. You are not supposed to reprimand them for their mistakes rather, you must be the taking responsibility for them. A leader is someone who knows how to divide the burden uniformly on the entire team and is still trying to be the one to who can reduce the pressure for each and every team member. Only a leader can deliver 100 percent successful results with his team and can make them love what they are doing.


10. Global Citizenship 
The world has become a global village with trade and exchange of information taking place irrespective of geographical and time constraints. You need to become someone who is not just comfortable in his own country or working space but can adapt to the values, traditions, and environment of any place. One of the most important things in this regard is to learn multiple languages especially the ones which are spoken in a number of countries. By relying on such skills, you can increase your expertise as well as your demand not only in your area but around the world too.


If you think you have what it takes to be a successful worker in the 21st century including all of the above-mentioned skills, nothing can stop you from achieving success and making a great name for yourself. Anything can be learned with dedication and by giving time to it so if you lack somewhere, work on it to become a complete pro.



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