Trust but Confirmation Needed on What You Contribute

Trust but Confirmation Needed on What You Contribute - Introvert Whisperer

I read something yesterday that still has me thinking.  It was about confirmation.  The point was that when you hear a positive thing, you really want to confirm if it’s true or real but for some reason when you hear something bad you assume it’s true.  We’re kind of confusing creatures, don’t you think?


It’s the reason why social proof has become almost a requirement these days.  Even I have to collect testimonials from people who have used my programs and gained benefit as part of what I do.  We have sites like Yelp to review restaurants, events and businesses and many other sites doing similar things. Because we have the need to confirm or substantiate the claim of goodness.


The burden of proof is on you that you do well and that you add value in your job.  Ha!  Never thought of it that way, did you?


Granted, all of this is annoying and kind of a pain.  I know for me, on my grumpier days, it kind of insults me because I think of myself as a good, honest person.  I do what I say I’m going to do and I know the good I’ve done but…  I’m sure you’ve probably had the same thing going on in your head at times.


I’ve spoken to people who refused to communicate (or self-promote if you want to think of it like that) their results and good work to the boss.  They are almost indignant in the perspective that it’s part of the managers’ job to dig around to find out how you perform.  While I can understand why they might think that, it’s not how us pesky humans work.  To take the position and refuse to move off of it is not going to serve you in the long run.  The burden of proof of how well you do your job, your expertise and your capabilities is yours alone.


Confirmation is an ongoing task as well.  That means you are constantly in need of confirming what you contribute as we have a short memory.  This is all part of your personal brand.  It’s what you do consistently but you must do it on an ongoing basis in order for others to maintain a positive belief about you.


Letting others, especially the boss, know what and how you are doing, is never a problem.

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