How to use emotional intelligence to maximize your introverted nature

How to use emotional intelligence to maximize your introverted nature - Introvert Whisperer

By now, as someone who identifies as an introvert, you will most likely have identified some of the strengths you share and challenges you face alongside other introverts.


Introverts have a special talent to slow down the pace of thought and think through propositions calmly and rationally before reacting, to listen to the ideas of others and take them somewhere new, and to enjoy the intimacy of developing projects by yourself or in a one-to-one situation.


However, it is not unlikely that you are sick of being misunderstood or labeled as ‘anti-social’, of being pressured into group meetings, or expected to ping ideas back and forth before you’ve had a chance to think them through.


Well, just because you have the thoughtful metabolism of an introvert, it doesn’t mean your emotional intelligence (EQ) couldn’t be a little more finely tuned to help you make the most of your unique skills and to navigate troubled waters. EQ refers to the ability to detect your own emotions and those of others, to process and manage them, and ultimately to utilize them for the better.


Applying EQ techniques to situations you find yourself in as an introvert can help you to emerge from them fulfilled and productive, and to counteract and resolve the misapprehension of others towards your way of doing things.


For example, when you’re in a meeting and you get that sinking feeling of seeing a colleague’s disappointment that you don’t yet have anything to add to the conversation, look at your emotions. Are they helping you? No. So you know you need to take steps to make future situations run more smoothly.


And look at your colleague’s emotions. What do they see when they look at you? What else is going on in their work day to make them frustrated? Identifying the misunderstanding between the pair of you can empower you to speak to them alone later, resolve the issue, and set a firmer groundwork for how you can operate together in future.


For more ideas on how to harness the power of your emotional intelligence, check out this new visual guide from NetCredit. Being an introvert may mean you are closer to your emotions, but without deeper study, you may never understand them!




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