Are You Venting “Appropriately” at Work?

Are You Venting “Appropriately” at Work? - Introvert Whisperer

I’ve just had a highly frustrating experience using an online tool that isn’t what I would say is “user-friendly”.  I had to get on the phone with customer support, drill down on an obscure page and find some tiny little light grey print.  That little print was in direct contradiction to the top page but the little print on the obscure page was the one that counted.


It ruled my world and I didn’t even know it until I had someone to help me understand what was taking place.


So, why am I saying this to you?  Really, I just needed to vent.  I had someone email a vent to me just yesterday.


Venting can be a good way to let off steam and stress.  We all need to do it sometimes and you have to be selective about who you vent to.  At work, we do face a considerable number of frustrating things and it’s easy to vent to your work peers.  The problem with doing that is that if it is about the boss or another person (which it usually is) what you say will most likely get back to that person.


I don’t care how “confidential” you try to make your venting; don’t count on it staying that way.  Trust me, as a manager, it always got back to me plus I usually knew when it got to others.  News travels fast.


If you need to vent about a work issue, find a person who isn’t at work and is neutral.  (Being neutral simply means they will listen and not make you feel worse)


If you want, you can vent to me.  If you want me to shift into “coach”, just let me know.


Ahhh, I feel better now.


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