Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done?

Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done? - Introvert Whisperer

Having to multitask has become a part of nearly everyone’s daily life. For professionals, they often have to increase their education requirements, and this can mean going back to college. Working 9-5 simply isn’t enough and many working professionals will do a course to increase their skillset and employability. This can make it extremely difficult to manage everything. Can you stay professional at your job while also studying?


For students, they are often faced with the same dilemma. They want to get good grades but sometimes they also have to work to get by. This can result in them missing classes and be getting bad grades, which may come back to haunt them down the line.


For anyone in this situation, you need to be extremely organised. Discussing it with your manager can often be beneficial and remember that many managers will support you. However, don’t slack off on the job front as they will only have your back if you still work hard at your day job. Remember that many college programs will have enough flexibility to allow you to tackle work-related projects on assignments.


If you’re a student working to pay off your fees, don’t overdo it. It is especially important to get time off nearer to exam time and during exams as this will give you the time you need to revise. Even if you’ve been slacking during the year, there is always an opportunity for you to catch-up. Read the infographic for more information.

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