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Having motivation within the workforce is a must if you want your business to be successful. Motivating your employees can be tricky and employee motivation has always been a central problem for leaders and managers. Motivation is driven, so employees will always need something to boost their motivation when they start to lose sight of it.  

Employees who are unmotivated are very likely to avoid work as much as they can, for example, taking time off, putting no effort into their job and producing poor quality work. However, employees who are motivated are likely to show the opposite, for example, be persistent in their job role, show creativeness and high levels of productivity, producing high-quality work and willing to undertake any work that is given to them. Every employee has their own personal preference to get motivated; however putting employee goals in place will catch everybody’s attention.

Motivation is the key to success in work and in life, but before you try to motivate your employees, you should really get to know them and try to see what would drive their motivation within the workplace. You need to get to know them on a personal and professional level as you need as many different tactics as you can to trigger motivation. You need to establish their wants and needs and what they expect from you and the business. Take time to find out from each team member what motivates them. This can be very difficult to do but you can do this by using Disc Assessment.

Disc Assessment can help you establish all of these things and help you understand your employees individually. Disc Assessment is one of UK’s leading personal assessment tools that can improve your work productivity, teamwork and communication within the work place. Disc never judge and are purely there to help you and your staff to distinguish your behavioural contrasts and identities. Taking their personal assessment tool, you will be able to understand all of your employees and how to communicate with them effectively. So how does this help motivate my employees? This will help motivate your employees as it will help you distinguish each individual and what drives their motivation and how they can become more successful. Work with your team and Disc to find out what your employees would love to hear from both their supervisor and their colleagues.

You need to show your employees that they are appreciated and that you honour the work that they do for you. You can do this by rewarding them when they have been working hard and reminded you why you hired them in the first place. By showing employees they are appreciated through some form of reward or recognition, their confidence will take a boost which will motivate them to make a big difference in the workplace.

Once your employees are motivated you will be able to see a big change in them and better yet, the business. Having high levels of motivation will enable your employees to meet deadlines, get tasks done quickly and efficiently, be more productive and slowly become more successful within the business. It will also help your business because this can increase revenue, reduce business costs and boost morale within the office.

It is highly important that managers see how important motivation is when it comes to being successful and how setting goals and rewards can affect this. If a business doesn’t have any goals or reward programmes put in place then this will result in an unhappy and lazy workforce. You need to make sure you set goals that relate to the company’s direction and the employees. When you have clear and achievable goals put in place, this will make your employees want to prove themselves to the company by achieving these goals and also they will be much more motivated, productive and successful in the work that they do.

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Isabella Sinkinson is a writer for Disc Assessment. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.

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