If You’re Not Growing You’re Shrinking

Introvert Whisperer

As we approach the end of the year people often think of their careers, so today I’m going to toss out a few thoughts for you to consider.

Your career is always moving in some direction; it never stays the same.

The question is: What direction is it going? Is that the direction you intended?

Even if we aren’t intending to get promoted or a higher level if we aren’t growing, we’re shrinking. Growth comes in a number of ways such as learning new skills or taking on new tasks. Think of this like the ever-expanding resume. You want to show some type of growth or progression on your resume because it demonstrates your initiative along with all sorts of other good characteristics.


Also, your career is your responsibility and only you can decide what direction you want to go and how you will get there. It’s easy to get derailed by life or work circumstances but a couple of times a year, you need to make an appointment with yourself and contemplate the next couple of moves you need to make.


Also, if you work for the type of company that offers classes or reimburse you for classes you take; don’t get lulled into the idea that’s all. Consider those classes a place to get started. There are colleges and university both local and online that can explode your skills.


If you’re aiming for a promotion or higher level, make sure you know what you need to do to turn yourself into the best possible candidate. This is too important to make assumptions, you have to do your due diligence and speak to experts or management to get the correct information. I call this a gap analysis and I speak to too many people that either don’t do all the steps for the gap analysis or they make assumptions that prove to be wrong.


There you go. Two things for you to take action on. Today.

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