What do you do when you’re mentally depleted?

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I am at a point where I’ve got a number of things either completed or launched and in someone else’s hands.  I’ve feel oddly unclear what the next thing is that I should do.  My “busy-ness” is in a slow down and that just doesn’t feel right.  


Ever get that way?  


It makes me think I’m missing some big glaring thing to do, which will bite me any minute for being inattentive.


What to do?


I took a break and did a puzzle.  Sometimes completely changing what you’re doing by changing your pace, your location and even the nature of what you’re doing can do wonders for your work.  That’s why there are weekends off and vacations.  We need to change what and how we work in order for us to stay energized and interested.


The deal is; we aren’t always in a position of taking a vacation or launching into a weekend.  That means you need to find things you can do periodically to recharge your creativity or motivation by mentally stepping away from your usual, daily mode.  Give yourself a 15-minute vacation.


I worked with a gal who left work every day at lunch.  She didn’t always go out to eat.  Sometimes she would pick up dry cleaning or run an errand.  When we talked about her lunchtime, she explained that lunchtime was her sacred time.  She had to step out of the work environment and do something completely different.  This allowed her to restore her energy and helped to sustain her good mood.


If you’re mentally depleted, lacking creativity or feeling anything but motivated, start by stepping away from your work.  Go outside and take a walk.  You pick what works for you but we all need to mix things up sometimes to get the most out of that big, hefty brain.


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