5 Goals for the Ambitious Introvert for 2015

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If you pooh-pooh New Year’s resolutions, this article is for you. I’m not going to suggest resolutions, nor am I going to tell you should tax your wintering brain to figure some out.

I’ve done that for you.

All you need to do it print these out, tape them on your desk wall and begin taking action. Any time. Including February.

Seriously, could it get any easier?


Goal #1: Make a Career Plan

Be honest. You probably don’t have a career plan, do you? Where will you end up if you don’t? Too many people think that “something will happen” and are just holding out for that breakthrough moment. Here’s the thing: those moments don’t usually happen without your active involvement. Figure out where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. (Like this thought? Tweet it!)


Goal #2: Have a Conversation With the Boss

Do you know how the boss views your performance? It does matter. You have to take responsibility for your own career, and one of those responsibilities is engaging the boss in a meaningful conversation about how well you’re doing.


Goal #3: Learn to Network — Better

You may already think you’re networking, but there’s almost certainly room to improve. Make this the year you take your game to the next level. You won’t get ahead without this all-important activity. To start off, try contacting people you used to work with. Just that alone is probably far more than you’ve been doing. See — it’s not so painful, is it?


Goal #4: Be Heard

This can be a tough one for some with introverted tendencies, but there’s an easy solution. Make a goal to speak up 3 times in each meeting you attend. Don’t worry if what you say is a rehash of what someone else has said. There is a lot of repetition in conversations and meetings. If you intend to be a leader, people have to hear from you on all matters. Setting a goal to be heard makes it easier to engage.


Goals #5: Make Alliances

Make deliberate relationships at work. Pick out a mentor who will give you all kinds of great insight. Find a couple of people at your level who you know have skills that you don’t. You can learn from these people and in turn, share some of your expertise. Think of it like bartering.

You’ll notice that 4 out of 5 of these goals involve other people. Our ability to interact with other successfully is known as Emotional Intelligence. You can’t have too much, and recent studies have said it is the number 1 factor for personal and professional success.

Make 2015 your Emotional Intelligence development year. Your future depends on it.

Where do you want to take your career this year? Share your Ambitious Introvert goals in the comments!

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