Here’s What an Introvert Can Teach You about Success

Here’s What an Introvert Can Teach You about Success - Introvert Whisperer

By definition, an introvert is someone who gains energy by spending time alone and loses energy in an overly social, stimulating environment. Introverts promote qualities of introspection, a love of solitude, a more sensitive or empathetic approach, and a focused communication style heavy on listening rather than talking. Some may think that these qualities do not fit a leadership or successful professional role. However, an introvert possesses a number of positive traits that aid in pursuing a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.


Stay Focused
 An introvert has a tendency to stay with a goal until completion. They can begin with an idea, flesh it out, and follow it to completion with no problem. They ensure that single goal is done satisfactorily and to the best of their ability. Instead of working on several projects at once with shared effort and mediocrity, this trait allows them to do one thing really well, turning out a high-quality end result.


There’s No “I” in Team 
 In a group setting, an introvert appreciates the value each member brings to the team. They do not seek credit or glory for accomplishing their part of the task but find reward in sharing in a team success. They are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses with their highly intuitive self-awareness. This leads to better division of tasks and a more streamlined process in successfully completing group assignments, with the recognition of each member’s contribution equally acknowledged.


Let Creativity Shine 
 Introverts make up a large portion of the group known as “The Creatives.” They are the musicians, artists, authors, and inventors. They’re the thinkers who communicate through artistic and thought-provoking means rather than relying on personality and general communication. They achieve success by their ability to tune into their deep introspection and thought processes, freeing their creativity to be shown in beautifully unique ways. By embracing their natural gifts, they are able to follow a sometimes “out-of-the-box” path to success.


Listen and Learn 
 Introverts tend to take a backseat in conversations, especially in overly social situations. They listen more than they speak, allowing them to absorb more information and thoughtfully consider it. They tend to choose their words carefully so what they say has meaning and importance to the conversation. This leads to deeper relationships with those around them as they are able to form personal connections from the information they learn. And deep, personal connections can lead to success in networking and new opportunities.


Be Independent 
 Although introverts work well within a group, their skillset can really shine when working independently. By working in solitude, an introvert can spend less energy on draining social situations and more on the project at hand. With no need for supervision or outside encouragement, an introvert can focus on the task at hand and achieve quality results in less time.  Find a private English tutor, a young entrepreneur, or a museum curator. They are all remarkably self-reliant and their ability to focus leads to improved results in a timely manner.


It’s All About the Work 
 It’s difficult to be successful if you allow yourself to get in the way of your work. Problems can arise when the attention is more focused on the producer than the product. A handful of famous CEOs and company owners live in the spotlight, making their product or service a sideshow attraction. And this can work, unless they disrupt the narrative of their brand or company. Many more CEOs and owners take a backseat, pushing their product or service to the forefront and allowing it to shine on its own. An introvert lets the work speak for itself while maintaining a productive and fulfilling spot behind the scenes.


Sensitivity is a Plus 
 In today’s busy and fast-paced world, generic, blunt, and impersonal statements and attitudes are becoming the norm, both online and in real life. However, humans crave personal connections, and no one may be better suited to provide that than an introvert. Many introverts are in tune with their sensitivity, allowing them to show compassion and empathy to those around them. Successful people care about those they work with and they value the relationships they have with those who support and help them. Being sensitive and in tune with others’ emotions and feelings helps to create loyalty and a great work ethic, resulting in more effective production and success.


Final Words 
 Success has a different definition for everyone. For one person, success can mean running a profitable Fortune 500 company. For another, success can mean getting published by a well-known magazine or newspaper. The steps you take toward your definition of success are defined largely by the above-mentioned traits and qualities. Adopting the mindset of an introvert, even just for a short time, can be highly beneficial in aiding you in your accomplishments.


Author Bio:

Rait is a full time online marketer, freelancer and tech lover from a tiny country called Estonia. As an introvert, he strives to speak less and do more.

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