An Introvert’s Guide To Becoming More Social

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Many people consider introverted people shy, think they can’t socialize and make friends and are just destined to be alone.

But a true introvert knows this: it has nothing to do with shyness. We’re just being selective when it comes to communicating with others, we just don’t find comfort in spending time with random people, we’re alright with solitude and enjoy being on our own, we have more thoughts and creative ideas in our heads and need the time to do something about them, which has little to do with communication and relationships.

But the most important thing is that we can be just as popular and social as anyone else, we just prefer not to.

However, we still live in a world that’s all about communication. Social media has taken that to a whole new level and we can hardly keep up with so many notifications coming in and so much happening on each platform. Society expects us to enjoy small chats, to be in the mood for going out at any moment of the day, to talk for hours when we have nothing else to do, or even when we do have work to do.

But that’s not who we are. Fortunately, there are some things you can start doing so that people can forget you’re an introvert and see you as another social human being, while you keep having enough time for yourself and have all the peace and creativity you need to live the life of a true introvert.

Here are some of them:

1. Don’t overthink everything.

We, introverts, have the habit of wanting to dig deeper into a person’s soul, to form a real connection. For that we need a lot of time to trust him, and even more to open ourselves in front of him.

But if you want to be more social, you’ll have to let go of that. Such deeper connections will happen eventually, but until then, just enjoy meeting new people, talk about stuff in life, let go of your expectations and just say what’s on your mind.

When someone special is in front of you, you’ll understand that and will still have the chance to learn more about him and share with him the deeper layers of your soul.

2. Challenge yourself.

Practice is crucial in every part of life if you want to get better at something, and social life is no exception.

Get out there every day, and talk to one new person. Yes, it would feel uncomfortable most of the times, you’ll have no idea what to say, you’ll come up with excuses to avoid the conversation, or else. But you’ll have to fight the resistance and get out of your comfort zone.

This is a skill and can be developed over time. Talk to one new person daily or every few days, and it will feel much easier the next time. You’ll get better at approaching strangers – which can be quite helpful in other situations, you’ll know what works when making a small talk, will have the chance to experiment and find topics you enjoy and are more comfortable with.

That’s a great way for you to level up in your personal and spiritual growth. Challenging yourself builds discipline, you develop skills, feel more confident and overcome the anxiety of socializing.

3. Prepare.

Do your research on the psychology behind the communication between two people. Read about what’s going on in their mind when they first meet. Improve your conversation skills by watching speakers do what they do best.

Also, make the most of social media. It’s a great way to approach people and still be in your own company, without being judged or expected to do anything. You can answer whenever you feel like, but it’s a good start as it’s as simple as saying ‘Hey!’ to a few friends, old or new.

Another way to prepare is to talk to yourself in the mirror. This will let you see what you’re doing wrong in terms of body language. You can even play whole scenarios like meeting someone new, approaching someone from the opposite sex, telling a story in front of a group, or else.

While doing that your mind will be getting used to you being the speaker, not the listener as it was until now. You’ll also feel more comfortable in your own skin and will act naturally in public.

Make a step-by-step plan on what preparation you can include in your days, even if it’s for 5 minutes. If you’re serious about getting better at being social, you’ll need to be dedicated and stay consistent.

Guest author Sarah Williams is a busy full-time dating advisor, lifestyle blogger, fitness freak and foodie. She used to be a shy girl who, with a lot of work and positive attitude, overcame her social anxiety and became a confident woman. You can connect with Sarah on Wingman Magazine.

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