Ladders to Success Don't Stand on Negativity - Introvert Whisperer

Ladders to Success Don’t Stand on Negativity

Our experiences shape our perception of the world and of ourselves. Most often, we are shaped by traumatic events which usually leave a negative connotation of a group, situation, or environment around which many of us then form a lifetime of negativity that becomes ingrained in our psyche.   Resentment, anxiety, fear, and frustration are…

Problems? Challenges? Failures? We all face them. - Introvert Whisperer

Problems? Challenges? Failures? We all face them!

There will always be problems and challenges in everything we endeavor to do. The important thing is to grow and learn from those challenges rather than let the issues get you down or stop. I can just hear a few of you moan over this perspective that it’s not always that easy. I never said…

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