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Disagree without being disagreeable

Hi! The elections are over and yet they aren’t. The biggest thing I keep thinking about is: How we can’t seem to disagree without being disagreeable. I’m not talking just political viewpoints; this covers everything we encounter where strong opinions exist. What happened to discussions to share opinions   Can you disagree and be calm? …

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Push Over on Employee Performance Issues?

If you have been anointed manager, you surely must know that there are things you are responsible for that you’d rather not do. The highest priority item on that list of tough things to do is dealing with an employee who is a continuous performance problem. It not only impacts business, but when management simply…

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Confrontation Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

We are all faced with uncomfortable issues at work some times. Someone does or doesn’t do something that is an issue with agreements, work flow or your values. Plain and simple, it creates a problem for you; and you are now faced with how best to tackle the issue. All too often, we simply try…

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Are you leading or following change?

It’s funny how myths or urban legend turn into beliefs. These myths cover everything from mysteries to people. Among the stories we tell each, is the story about making Change. As a Leader, it’s important to know and understand how to Manage Change and Transition along with the myths many people believe. More importantly is…

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Lead or Manage, or Both?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can I inspire and motivate others?” Maybe you’re in management at the moment, or maybe you aspire to be a “manager” someday. Well, in my upcoming “live webinar” THIS Wednesday, December 2nd, I am going to help anyone that’s willing to work at it, breakthrough their current barriers…

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