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Soft Skills Every Introvert Needs to Master - Introvert Whisperer

Soft Skills Every Introvert Needs to Master

We as introvert often consider the fact that maybe it is too late for us to make a change in ourselves. Instead of harboring such unproductive thoughts, we need a positive frame of mind about practicing and perfecting new soft skills.     Communication can sometimes become repetitive and redundant. You have to find ways…

Dealing With Passive-Aggressive Behavior - Introvert Whisperer

Dealing With Passive-Aggressive Behavior

I had someone ask me a great question this week. “What do you do with a passive-aggressive person that makes snotty remarks, sighs and rolls their eyes?”  I’d love to hear what your solutions are to this question.   While I think most of the time you simply ignore someone who does this, you do…

EQ And The Future Of Work - Introvert Whisperer

EQ And The Future Of Work

Most US companies now understand that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a critical factor for both employee and company success. Data indicates to us that both companies and employees are more successful when employees understand each other and work well together. Managers who motivate are much more successful than the infamous “managers from hell” mentality, that was…

Ladders to Success Don't Stand on Negativity - Introvert Whisperer

Ladders to Success Don’t Stand on Negativity

Our experiences shape our perception of the world and of ourselves. Most often, we are shaped by traumatic events which usually leave a negative connotation of a group, situation, or environment around which many of us then form a lifetime of negativity that becomes ingrained in our psyche.   Resentment, anxiety, fear, and frustration are…

Advantages of being an introvert in business - Introvert Whisperer

Advantages of being an introvert in business

If you’re reading this, you’re just like me, an introvert trying to make it in business. Some of you must be thinking, it’s good to socialise, meet people, make new friends and that’s all good for business. It’s true that it is. That’s where opportunities come from. Well being an introvert doesn’t mean that we…

Must Have Skills and Habits for Advancement in Career - Introvert Whisperer

Must Have Skills and Habits for Advancement in Career

Companies put a lot of emphasis on career advancement, as this is one way to ensure employees’ satisfaction and to promote their loyalty and retention. Giving employees the opportunity to reach a new level in their career is among the most powerful motivators for them. And who does not like to know that the career…

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