5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work - Introvert Whisperer

5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work

Your team is made up of many characters and every manager knows that although they can’t all be pleased at the same time, it is up to them to make them feel comfortable so that they can thrive in their job.   Part of a manager’s job is to try different strategies to reach out…

Take the initiative, be enthusiastic and be proactive - Introvert Whisperer

8 Best Tips to Rock Your First Day of Work

Now that you’ve landed on your new career, it’s time to imprint a great first impression. It’s essential that you nail your first day like how you did in your job search. The real work begins now. Hence, embrace the change. One of your goals on your first day of work is to impress your…

Technology and Workplace Communications - Introvert Whisperer

Technology and Workplace Communications

There are all types of new technology in the workplace, but one of the areas of business most impacted by new advances is intra-office communication.   A plethora of software programs has been created to make employee communication more effective than ever before. Now coworkers can ping ideas back and forth rapidly, sharing images, files…

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